Gots label

In July 2011 we received the International textile label GOTS, (Global Organic Textil Standard) as a reward and recognition.
This label, is checked and awarded by ECOCERT and implies a very high level of environmental commitments, and the respect of European social rules.

The ECOCERT body is the main reference for all organic activity in France. It awarded us the GOTS certificate for the dyeing and the printing of fabrics.

2011-2012 : certificat EGL 151081/884691/1 – « GLOBAL ORGANIC TEXTILE STANDARD version 2.0 »
2013 : certificat EGL- 151008/850249/1 – « GLOBAL ORGANIC TEXTILE STANDARD version 3.0 »
2014 : certificat EGL 151008/854992/2
2015 : certificat EGL 119389/360073/1 

International recognition

Why GOTS ?
Gots « organic textiles »is the international reference for the garment industry; Beyond the GOTS label is recognized as  the main standard for organic fibre textiles.
The label allows a full traceability and a guarantee of the origin of the row material and of the organic treatment on the products.
The GOTS label certifies that organic cotton or dyes used. Are non allergenic and heavy metals free.

Respect of social rules

GOTS is the guarantee that a thorough and exacting environmental audit has been carried out through independent certified bodies with positive result : inspection on site, certification  of industries, of makers up, suppliers and distributors.
This way the uprightness of GOTS certified textiles is certified.

Clean industry

Our production site is classified for environment protection (ICPE ) and is submitted to an licence from the local authority.
It is located in the Parc industriel de la plaine de l’Ain, PIPA, first industrial estate to be ISO 14001 certified in France .
The ISO14001 is an environment related norm, certifying the companies committed in a process of environment improvement: waste selection , Carbone assessment , car sharing.
Our activity does not use dangerous products in accordance with the European REACH regulation;
In this approach of sustainable development and environment respect, we still do more  checking in a very strict way the us of water.
Today we can say that all our dyeing waste waters are cleaned up.
They are collected in a homogenizing basin, neutralised and treated in the sewerage plant we share with the other industries of the industrial estate.
The automation of the dyeing machines allows in addition to check all the water consuming steps. Maire ATN means as well a policy of waste selection.
We recycle and valuate all cardboard, plastics, wood, scrap iron and textile waste.