Responsible economy

Our French textile production is attractive, innovative, environment & people friendly. We have been twice in 2011 and 2015 prize winner of the BIO INNOV Program
BIO INNOV is a programme of support and development for organic products in Rhône-Alpes region.

Ethical production and consumption

Even if traditional knowledge remains our brand image, Maire ATN faces the challenges of the future.
In order to prepare tomorrow, and offer our customer a complete integrity, we have a genuine approach of sustainable development, and environment friendly technique.

Quality is in the heart of our concern and therefore a responsible production is a must for us.
We offer organic fabrics and organic dyed fabrics in full respect with environment.
We favour local partners.Each time it’s possible we include a nearby workshop employing disabled persons.

Organic industry

Our project is part of a global approach and Maire ATN goes one step further.
Taking part to the structuring of the specialized organic industry.
We favour local supply, and as well local employment.
All the natural pigments we use are produced from staining plants, from French farms located mainly in Poitou-Charentes and Midi-Pyrénées.
Starting from the fibre ending with the garment we are able and proud to prove the viability in its whole of a local, eco-friendly organic industry.


Ecologic impact

This as well in our non organic activity, thanks to the mastering of organic and clean processes.

To select the organic or chemical dyes and process we always aim at limiting the quantities of products, water, energy, transportation and to use materials with good traceability. 

Organic dyes & chemical dyes

For natural dye we buy form
Couleur de plantes,
Madder , mignonette, sorghum,
logwood, chlorophyll, chestnut,
black catechu, cochineal, broom
and indigo
To set these colours
we use organic mordant
products such as Alum.
Synthetic chemical dyes are
less expensive and offer a
wider range of tones and hues.
This type of dyeing is
quicker and allows a better

Chain of values

ATN is part of a global ethical and human balance, whose scope it is to develop a genuine chain of value from the growing of fibres through the consumption habits until finished product.
We take into account all upstream environmental issues.