Services and know how

Maire ATN offers a textile processing service in small to very small series and in particular Bio dyeing.

Our specialty: dyeing

Our market place is dyeing of fabrics and accessories (laces, fasteners, rubbers, braid, ribbons) for a good colours matching with garments.
Our customers are Haute couture, Luxury garments, High fashion garments brands…
We dye as well finished pieces for decoration, packaging…
We do piece and garment dyeing on bases such as : knits, wovens, lace and other types of structures: (satin, seersucker, net , tulle, crêpe, jacquard, cloth).
In addition to dyeing on garments and prototypes we do softening,  stone washing,, preparation, chemical treatments.( softening , waterproof , anti static, fire retardant, anti slip, water repellent, calendaring) and mechanical treatments ( Brushing,  crushing, embossing, softening, chintz).
We offer as well finished fabric made in conformity to your specifications & requests.

Base fabrics

Materials may contain natural fibers, artificial, synthetic.

We can process all natural fibres fabrics.
Silk , (mousseline de soie, crêpe de Chine, silk pongee , georgette , twill, organdi…) Cotton and organic cotton, ( veil, popelin, braid…)
Hemp and organic hemp
Flax and organic flax

We process all fabrics made of artificial fibres.

We process all fabrics made of synthetic fibres.
Cationci polyester

As well as recycled fibres and all complex blends, fabrics with elastan in weft, in warp or bistretch. 

Research and quality

Our know how’s touch the whole range of dyeing, finishing and printing operations.
We strictly apply European regulations REACH.
Our research on colours, and the quality of our wide range of hues have been tested and certified.
We guarantee thus a maximum safety for maintenance code for garments.
We have a company own lab equipped with a spectrophotocorimeter which allows the analysis of the colours’ spectrum.
Our integrated lab ensures the quality follow up and control in a genuine spirit for transparency.
Dyeing baths are supervised in order to check that they match the specification of our customers.


Marie ATN has been for years the essential partner for stylists, creative people and trend offices,
in the fields of Haute-couture, lingerie, furnishings fabrics,
clothing, (ladies gentlemen and children), bathing suits, and decoration.